Landscape Design Studio 1

Based on the concept of wellbeing and gathering as drivers of sustainability, economic growth and social development, this project gives an alternative to current designs of riverside parks in Elahie neighborhood. Located in the north of Tehran in the Shemiran region, Elahieh extends from the west to Valiasr Street (Pahlavi), from the south to the Parkway intersection and from the east to the Roman Bridge and the old Shemiran Road.

Connecting the cityscape back to the river represents a new way of thinking about Urban Design in Tehran city. Although there is some similar project like “Nahjolbalaghe park”, This is a fresh opportunity to create a meaningful visual and physical connection with one of the city’s natural assets.

The goals of the project include revitalizing the neighborhood and creating dynamic and static spaces that will increase the presence of people at the site. Therefore, the park has two functions. Firstly, as a destination where people can pause, interact, and enjoy river views. Secondly, as a device for connecting two sides of the canal. For some, it’s a place to play, for others a place to contemplate, a place to find solitude or a place to be in a community. Or just a path to go to work or school.