Shahriar Street Landscape design
Landscape Design Studio 3 | 2019

Shahriar Street lies in between two cultural zones; the Rudaki hall and the City Theater. With the history behind them, they add some significance to the neighborhood. This project aims to connect these two zones without ruining the residential area. And this goal needs to concentrate on the aspects of the neighborhood and how it reacts toward the city.


  1. Free Rudaki Hall from its current isolation; Repurpose its grounds into a beautiful garden that works with the city.
  2. Preserving the privacy and prestige of Rudaki Hall: Creating a powerful axis and turning Arfa Garden into the front garden, and placing a water pool around Rudaki Hall to maintain its respect, this pool is like a moat protecting the hall.
  3. The third part of the project is the Neighborhood axis with islands that make up its key buildings and landmarks. These buildings have been renovated and are now used to serve the neighborhood and the city.
  4. Creating a “Garden-alley” axis by destroying two failed units. Finally, the pedestrian bridge connects City Theater to Shahriyar Street to increase transparency and security in the area.