Reclamation and landscape design in urban brownfields
Case study Rasht-Electric factory
Master Thesis | 2021

Abandoned land of the former Rasht-Electric Factory, which is now the realm of nature, was one of the largest state-owned factories in Rasht with a history of 50 years and an area of more than 12 hectares. It was located in the suburban area of the city near the Mohtasham Garden, one of the most famous gardens in Rasht. Under Article 44 of the Constitution, the factory was sold in 2003 through the privatization of state-owned factories. Soon after the factory’s machinery was sold too, and its buildings were completely destroyed. And now the empty land of it looks like a void in the crowded city of Rasht. The continuous walls of the factory have separated surrounding neighborhoods, and the abandoned site has become a haven for addicts and thugs; this thesis examines the site’s potentials and explores the ways to return it to the city.